Kathryn Newton
Steph Curry
Klay Thompson 
Jeremy Scott
Snoop Dogg
Too Short
Sasha Pierterse
Lucy Fry
Allie X
Corey Feldman
Horatio Sanz
Boys II Men
Evan Peters
Paul Rudd
Zoe Dechannel
Britney Spears
Lady Gaga

Commercial and Print

Sales Force                            January 2019

Visa Global                            November 2018 Costuming

Golden State Warriors (promo)  November 2018

Brita Featuing Steph Curry    November 2018

Bonfire Labs/Covet              January 2018

Gap                                     August 2018

United Airlines                     August 2018

Goodwill                              January 2018

Wells Fargo                         November 2017

Nintendo                             April 2017

Fitbit                                   November 2017

Toyota                                 March 2017

Intel                                     November 2016

Milk Pep                               December 2016

Sales Force                           September 2016

FitBit                                     July/August/September 2016

LifeLock                                July 2016

US Airforce                            June 2016

Otterbox                               May 2016

Liberty Mutual                       March 2016

DSECTION Magazine             Feburary 2016 Jeremy Scott Cover

Salyse Magazine                   February 2016 Featured Story 

Bass Nectar                           December 2015  

Murad                                   June 2015

CocoEco Magazine                June 2015 Featured Story

Obscrurae Magazine             April 2015 Cover

AT&T                                    April 2015                   

Flaunt Magazine                   January 2015

Samsung                              November 2014

Locale Magazine                   October 2014

Byer California                      September 2014

Toyota                                  August 2014

Billboard Magazine               August 2014
Funny or Die                         July 2014
Nerro Homme Magazine       July 2014
Wild Ones Magazine             July 2014
Wendy's                                July 2014
1am Magazine Cover            June 2014
Dannon                                June 2014
MURAD                                April 2014
Dahalia Wolf                        April 2014
MonsterChildren Magazine  March 2014
Oyster Magazine                 March 2014
Long Journeny                     March 2014
EcoTools                             March 2014
Burger King                         Febuary 2014
Thayers Naturals                 Febuary 2014
Tod's                                  November 2013
Smirnoff Ice                       November 2013
Happy Socks                       September 2013
Beats by Dre                       2013
featuring Robin Thicke
Shakey's                             2013
Gold Mine Beer                   2013
Sesame Street                     2013
Snoop Dogg 
/Charlie Wilson               (music video)     HMU
Goodwill Industries         (commercial)     Costuming/HMU
Property Brothers           (SF episode)       Costuming
Planet Booty                   (music video)     2018 MUA/Grooming
Westworld                      (tv promo)         2018 Styling
Bitter Melon                   (feature)            2018  Department Head HMU/Costuming
Dolores                         (feature)            2017 Key MakeUp/Costuming             
Snoop Dogg                  July 2016 (music video Don't Stop/Affliated/Let Me See Em Up/Side Piece)
Pyshcophaths                (feature)         2016 Department Head Make Up/Hair (horror)
Behind the Screams       (series)           2015 Department Head (horror)
Busta Rhymes                (video content) 2015 Special Effects
Crow's Reckoning          (short)            2015 Special Effects
The 4 to 9ers                 (webseries)     2015 Make Up/Hair
Dolores Project              (feature)         2014 Make Up/Hair
Best Intensions              (pilot)             2014 Key Make Up/ Hair
Canooks                        (webseries)     2014 Key Make Up/ Hair Stylist
The Care Giver               (feature)         2014 Key Make Up/Hair Stylist/Special Effects
Daze                              (feature)         2014 Key Make Up /Hair Stylist/Special Effects
Timid Pimps                   (webseries)   2014 Make Up
Happy Accidents            (short)           2013  Make Up
Selfie                             (short)           2013 Key Make Up/ Creature Effects
Bedfellows                     (short)           2012 Creature effects
Empty                            (short)           2011 Key Make Up and Hair
Wishing on an Airplane  (Short)          2010 Key Make Up/Hair
Camera Obscura            (webseries)  2010  Key Make Up/Hair/Special Effects
My Two Fans                  (webseries)  2010  Key Make Up/Hair
Persona                         (short)           2009  Key Make  Up/Hair/Special Effects
L.A. Twister                   (feature)        2004
Stranded                        (short)          2003
I Love Your Work            (feature)       2003
House Hunting                (short)         2003
2004-2010 Set Lighting